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Kathleen Jacobson

small business accountantKathleen Jacobson
Certified Public Accountant | Rochester

My husband was amazed when he first saw my office. He envisioned I would have two calculators with mile long receipts hanging off them, much like his grandpa used when he completed his tax return. He also thought I wore a green visor and punched numbers into the calculator all day with my glasses perched on the end of my nose. Now he knows that I don’t wear a green visor, and I don’t have mile long receipts hanging from my calculator. I actually have a computer, calculator and many other tools that I use to help me advise my clients regarding their financials and their taxes too.

I strongly believe in being proactive when it comes to a business owner’s financials. If we plan and prepare we can make the business more profitable and help reduce their potential tax burden.

I am your book smart, detail orientated, efficient and proactive accountant without a green visor and pocket protector!