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Lynnette Semrau

Lynnette Semrau
Bookkeeper | Coon Rapids

I always dreamed of writing when I was a kid. A bio of myself wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but fate is what it is.

I was raised in Anoka, Minnesota, the self-proclaimed Halloween Capital of the World. Considering my hometown’s all out efforts to celebrate the holiday, that description probably isn’t far off. My parents did a little farming when I was a child, so I grew up close to the land. Picking sweet corn, raspberries and the various other fruits of our labor was common in the summer. For a kid it was great fun. I especially enjoyed riding on the corn planter. Looking back I have to wonder if today’s children are missing out on something by not experiencing some of the basics of living, such as growing food.

I graduated from Anoka-Ramsey community college with a 2 year degree in accounting. I liked organizing things and making them neat so it seemed a perfect fit. I’m an avid reader and collector of books. Yes, I’m old fashioned, I like paper and ink. Just about any genre appeals if the work is well written. But I love history, a good murder mystery, and non-fiction current events with an emphasis on the military. I enjoy a play about once a month at Lyric Arts in Anoka, which usually does a good job with their presentations.

Currently a lot of my free time is taken up with elderly parent issues. A bit daunting at times, but something so many of us are dealing with. I am fortunate that Haworth & Co. has let me build a little flexibility into my schedule for the unexpected turn of events. I enjoy meeting and working with our clients and trying to be of assistance when I am able.

Take care and, as one of our columnists in the Star Tribune likes to say, “Live your life wisely.”

IMPORTANT COVID-19 HEALTH NOTICE - Effective Immediately

As a proactive health precaution for the safety of my employees and customers, effective immediately, we will not be permitting any physical interaction between our employees and customers. Our offices will not allow visitors and all interaction MUST be done via phone, email, portal or mail. No meetings will be permitted.

Haworth & Company will continue to operate normally and be able to service your needs. Some of my employees may be working remotely from home but will have full capabilities to assist you. We had a contingency plan for just such a situation as the Coronavirus and, unfortunately, realize it’s time to implement it to be proactive in protecting everyone’s health. I will always make the health and safety of my employees and customers a priority.

Fortunately, with today’s technology, we anticipate being able to operate normally with very few exceptions.

Please be aware if you decide to come to our office, you will not be permitted to meet with my employees. We have very strict rules in place for any person entering our office. They are posted on our door and no exceptions will be made.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We will try to minimize any disruptions during this unique situation.  We will continue to keep you informed as we all face the challenges ahead of us dealing with the reality of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in our lives.

Hopefully, this will not be a prolonged event. This is in effect until further notice.

Thank you,

Gary T. Haworth, CPA | President
Haworth & Company, Ltd.
Certified Public Accountants