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Lynnette Semrau

Lynnette Semrau
Bookkeeper | Coon Rapids

I always dreamed of writing when I was a kid. A bio of myself wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but fate is what it is.

I was raised in Anoka, Minnesota, the self-proclaimed Halloween Capital of the World. Considering my hometown’s all out efforts to celebrate the holiday, that description probably isn’t far off. My parents did a little farming when I was a child, so I grew up close to the land. Picking sweet corn, raspberries and the various other fruits of our labor was common in the summer. For a kid it was great fun. I especially enjoyed riding on the corn planter. Looking back I have to wonder if today’s children are missing out on something by not experiencing some of the basics of living, such as growing food.

I graduated from Anoka-Ramsey community college with a 2 year degree in accounting. I liked organizing things and making them neat so it seemed a perfect fit. I’m an avid reader and collector of books. Yes, I’m old fashioned, I like paper and ink. Just about any genre appeals if the work is well written. But I love history, a good murder mystery, and non-fiction current events with an emphasis on the military. I enjoy a play about once a month at Lyric Arts in Anoka, which usually does a good job with their presentations.

Currently a lot of my free time is taken up with elderly parent issues. A bit daunting at times, but something so many of us are dealing with. I am fortunate that Haworth & Co. has let me build a little flexibility into my schedule for the unexpected turn of events. I enjoy meeting and working with our clients and trying to be of assistance when I am able.

Take care and, as one of our columnists in the Star Tribune likes to say, “Live your life wisely.”